Skydive in Varadero Skydiving Club, friendly Blue Skies all year round

Solo jumps at Varadero Skydiving Club.

If you are a certified skydiver, from your country association or from any international skydiving association, you can jump with us any time. You should only bring your certification with you and your jumps log book. In case you don't want ( or can ) travel with your own parachute, that is not a problem. We can rent the equipment at moderate rates.

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You might be an experience skydiver and may have jumped in beautiful spots around the world, no doubt about that, but this we can assure you: The view of the Varadero Peninsula , with 25 kilometres of continuous strip of shining sand, hotels in the middle and tree lines behind them, the giant Matanzas city harbour to the West and the huge Cardenas bay to the East, is something you won't forget ever. The clear and pristine waters north of the peninsula, coloured in blue and green with the dark spots made by the coral reefs, is also something you can't appreciate from 3000 meters above unless you are in the Caribbean. But beyond all that, the Cuban warmth you will receive from the Varadero skydiving staff , the instant connection you will feel with our experienced staff, is something that will make you return again and again. This is what all our friends around the world value the most, the family ties you forge from the first contact.

The jumps in Varadero for certified skydivers cost around 30 CUC. In all cases, we try to combine some tandem jumps clients with certified jumpers, so we cover the aircraft costs. If you plan to bring a group of skydivers you should contact us in advance so we organize the whole skydiving schedule. You can also bring you family and friends, if they are not certified as skydivers but want to experience the adventure of tandem jumps. We would accommodate them in the best possible way so you can jump together.

In case you would like to combine a vacation package in Varardero, including accommodation at some All Inclusive resort, land transfers from and to airport, excursions and other activities, with the Solo jumps or a family and friends combined jump, just visit our associated Travel Agency and book a complete travel package. Otherwise, just contact us via email or by phone. We are ready take you to your lifetime experience...what are you waiting for?

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