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Who we are and what is our history?

Varadero Skdive Club began to operate in November 1993, as Cuba was chosen to host the VII World Skydive Champions Tournament. During the event, in addition to the Cuban team these were the countries that competed: Chile, Peru, USA, France, Germany , Russia, Australia, Brazil and Slovenia.

In January 1994, the Club lunches the Tandem modality jump as a product for the Tourist market in Varadero. This same year, the V Latin-American Skydiving Championship is held in the municipality. At the end of this match, Cuban team won the first place on precision landing modality. By the end of 1994, the tandem jumps position themselves as one of the most attractive tourist products in the area, and Solo jumps start to being offered to certified skydivers, both Cubans and foreigners.

Again in 1995, an important event is held at Varadero: The VIII World Skydive Champions Tournament. The best skydivers from Europe, South and North America take part in the competition. For the first time in Cuba, after the event is completed a Boogie is organized and executed in partnership with the European club Exotic Sky Adventures, lead by Alexis Perry. Jumps were done from an altitude of 4000 meters, using MI17 Russian made helicopters. Skydivers from Europe, Canada and Latin America took active part in this massive jump.

An international Boogie is organized again in 1996, this time with larger number of foreign participants ( 163 skydivers from Europe, Canada and USA ). A memorable jump was done in Cayo Largo del Sur, where 12 Antonov-2 small planes flew in formation carrying 144 jumpers, who threw themselves to the intense blue abysm below. During 15 days, 3600 jumps were executed in total, an outstanding success and accomplishment both for Varadero Skydive Club and Exotic Sky Adventures.

Further on, the Varadero Skydiving club increases its volume of operations. In 1996, a Friendship and Solidarity event is held with the participation of some Canadian Airborne Troops' members and Cuban paratroopers. In 1998, a group of friends and skydivers from Canada and Belgium, in conjunction with Varadero Skydive Club, organize several friendship encounters and joint jumps. In October this year, a Miniboogie is executed with considerable international participation. By the end of 1998, the tandem jumps have reached a total number of 1003 in twelve months period ( jumpers being mainly the foreign visitors who were enjoying the Varadero beach resorts as tourists ).

The next decade, during the 2000's, the Varadero Skydive Club continue forging its reputation, executing thousands of jumps every year, both tandem with tourists willing to experience the adrenaline rush and certified jumpers from all around the world. The best publicity for the high professionalism the club holds, is the rate of cero accident in the whole period, but beyond that, the unbreakable friendship established with jumpers from all around the world, who continue to visit Cuba, Varadero, and jump with us every time.

From 2011, the Varadero Skydive Club merged with The Aviation Club of Cuba, a larger organization overlooking to all aerial sports in the island. The club has a highly trained crew of instructors, many of them holding 30 years of practice and more than 6000 jumps. All of them extremely qualified and members of the national skydiving team.

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