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Skydive Varadero tandem jumps.

The tandem jump is a skydive modality designed for those who are not certified as skydivers ( and do not need to be so ) to experience the adrenaline rush of jumping out of the plane and fly like a bird.

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You are briefly trained for some 20 minutes, at the skydiving club. You are taught the basics of freefall descend, positions, signals and equipment. You are shown a graphic video where details of the fly can be appreciated and then you gear up and board the plane. Minutes later, you exit the air craft attached to an experienced instructor-tandem master ( all of them have thousands of jumps in this modality ). The first few seconds are exciting as no other sport can be, you literally fly though blue skies at high speed, watching the most magnificent view of the Varadero peninsula and it sandy beaches and pristine waters. In order to add more security, as you plunge through the air, almost after abandoning the plane, a drag small parachute is deployed by the instructor stabilizing the falling position. This way you descend at high velocity, but instead rolling over your body, you go in a flat position facing the earth bellow. For 30 to 40 seconds you appreciate the beautiful land below, feeling the air holding your body as if a giant fan was placed in front of you. At 1500 meters of altitude, your instructor deploy the main parachute and you feel a sudden pull in your back, rapidly decreasing the descend speed. Seconds later the bell is complete open and a different journey begins. For five to seven minutes, your instructor manoeuvre the parachute, making turns to allow you get the breathtaking view of the land below, the extreme blue and green waters, the shinning white sand, the hotels buildings and roads, the trees, all gaining size as you approach the landing zone. Some seven minutes after you left the plane, you land gently in a clear spot, at the beach area of some resort, where people looked amazed at you. It is likely to be that you will land at the same resort where you are staying with your family, so they can be a reception party who hug you once on your feet. .

The aircrafts used in the Varadero Skydiving club are the biplane AN-2 and the helicopter MI 17, both Russian made and despite what you might think, extremely secure. The AN-2 is perhaps the most glide- able plane in the world, due to its wide wings span, and it is also the aircraft whit the lower possible speed to lunch skydivers in the sky....making the exit really gentle. The equipment ( parachutes ) used in the Varadero skydive club are regularly checked and well maintained, renovated by new stuff according to manuals instructions ( both the main parachute and the reserve parachute which deploys automatically at lower altitude in case of an unlikely malfunction of the main one ) . The tandem jump can be booked at any time while you are in Varardero, or you can do the pre-booking by email or phone. The cost of a tandem jump is 190. 00 CUC ( approx 220. 00 USD ) which is cheaper than most of the skydive modality jumps in other regions of the world ( Extra Fee of approx 20.00 CUC applies for customers weighting more than 100 kgs) . This price includes the pick-up and or drop-off to your hotel. A Varadero Skydive van with driver will be at disposal for these land transfers. For a pictures' set or video, taken with a GoPro camera attached to your instructor's hand, there is an extra cost of 80.00 CUC. If you want an amaizing Video of the jump, taken by an idependent camera operator who jumps by your side, the cost of this video is 110.00 CUC. In case you would like to combine a vacation package in Varardero, including accommodation at some All Inclusive resort, land transfers from and to airport, excursions and other activities, with the exciting tandem jumps, just visit our associated Travel Agency and book a complete travel package. Otherwise, just contact us via email or by phone. We are ready take you to your lifetime experience...what are you waiting for?

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