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Skydiving courses at Varadero Skydive Club.

If you have done tandem jumps, either with us or in other skydiving clubs around the world, and got really excited about this sport to the point of willing to become a certified skydiver, just let us know. We have a variety of options that could evaluated, to determine the best course format for you. In all cases, be prepared to stay at least two full weeks training and jumping, so make sure you have accommodation booked for such a journey.

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We will teach you the whole theory of flying, exiting the plane, free fall procedures, parachute opening and manoeuvring, emergency procedures and landing, all this during classes imparted by experience skydiving masters. Then you will have a practical training before boarding the plane and doing some solo jumps, with static lines which deploy your main parachute almost after exiting the aircraft. Next step will be jumping with instructors holding you and correcting position during the fall, also helping you to develop flying and other skills. At some point, accompanied by instructors flying a few steps away, you will do freefall flying on your own, demonstrating awareness on altitude, checking altimeter, doing the right signals and opening your parachute to land safely minutes later in the drop zone. At the end, you do it all on your own and get the certification from the Cuban Skydiving Federation, organization affiliated and recognised by the International Aeronautical Federation.

The approximate cost of the course is 3000.00 CUC, and the numbers of jumps vary depending on personal performance and assessments done by the instructors. But you must be prepare to do between 15 and 20 jumps ( in all modalities ) during a minimum of two weeks. If you would like to take a skydiving course with the Varardero skydiving club, please contact us for details and we will discuss the options available with you.

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